Protest, revolution vs. evolution

How do we prevent revolution, the fall of Babulous, from becoming another round in the dualistic dance of primate politics? How to we prevent more alpha males riding the waves of hysteria, anxiety, uncertainty and fear of the Earth's mostly primate population (you and me included, with apologies to the ants and other bugs for exaggerating our importance)? How to we prevent another round of the mob identifying a section of the population as no-good shits and screaming obscenities at them, throwing their shit at them (metaphorically only nowadays) and eventually in its righteous wrath killing the poor fuckers?

Primate politics is the politics of shit. That is how we marked our territory. That is why our insults towards those breaching our territory are scatological. From "You shit, I'm gonna kick the crap out of you" to throwing custard pies (more metaphorical shit) at those who attack our mental/ideological territory. Revolutionary groups are full of those whose outward aim is Peace, Love and Unity for all mankind, be they Anti-capitalists, Socialists, Anarchists, Blacks, Gays, Utopians or Vegetarians, but whose primary, primal, and most of all primate, motivation is to get even. I've been shat on all my life, those no-good shits are to blame, hurting them makes me feel good and powerful, hey great, I'm shitting on them from a great height now.

"Getting even was the basis of many primate semantic confusions, such as 'expropriating the expropriators', 'an absolute crime demands an absolute penalty', 'they did this to me so I can do it to them', and, in general, the emotional mathematics of 'one plus one equals zero' (1+1=0).
These primates were so dumb they didn't realise that one plus one equals two (1+1=2) and one murder plus one murder equals two murders, one crime plus one crime equals two crimes, etc.
They did not understand causality at all.
The few primates who did understand causality slightly called it karma. They said all sorts of foolish things about it.
They didn't even know enough mathematics to describe quantum probability waves. They said, in crude hominid metaphor, that bad karma lead to 'bad vibes'."

Schroedinger's Cat: The Universe Next Door - Robert Anton Wilson

A revolution run on those principles, as so many have been, will be just another round of the switch from oppressed to oppressor, which characterises undomesticated and domesticated primate politics. The mass will follow false prophets into darkness and barbarism one more time.

    Liberation of mind (see Reality Creation), of sexuality (see Sex), of Self (See Spirituality).
    Creation of non-hierarchical, bottom-up, democratic, consensual, collective decision-making systems
    (or Consensuocollectivoanarchopacifistidemocraticalism).

These are our goals.

In conclusion, the best way of explaining all this is to quote Ken Kesey, who with the Merry Prankster pulled the carpet under the Berkeley Anti-Vietnam war rally:

"You know, you're not gonna stop this war with this rally, by marching ... that's what they do ... They hold rallies and they march ... They've been having wars for ten thousand years and you're not gonna stop it this way ... Ten thousand years, and this is the game they play to do it ... holding rallies and having marches ... and that's the game you're playing ... their game ... I was just looking at the speaker who was up here before me ... and I couldn't hear what he was saying ... but I could hear the sound of it ... and I could hear your sound coming back at him ... and I could see the gestures ... and I could see his jaw sticking out like this, silhouetted against the sky ... and you know what I saw ... and who I heard? ... Mussolini ... I saw and heard Mussolini here just a few minutes ago ... Yep ... you're playing their game ... We've all heard this and seen all this before, but we keep on doing it ... I went to see the Beatles last month ... and I heard 20,000 girls screaming together at the Beatles ... and I couldn't hear what they were screaming, either ... But you don't have to ... they're screaming Me! Me! Me! Me! ... I'm Me ... That's the cry of the ego, and that's the cry of this rally! ... Me! Me! Me! Me! ... And that's why wars get fought ... ego ... because enough people want to scream Pay attention to Me ... Yep, you're playing their game ..."

Now as an exercise try and determine whether history proved Kesey right. Since you weren't there at the time, does your choice of theory, or your combination of theories, tell you more about history or more about your favourite reality tunnel?

"Peace and love, man, the hippies crooned, meanwhile handing flowers to uniformed men who aimed rifles at them and dancing in circles, their eyes blurred in a paradise of marijuana, forever smiling with shocking happiness no one could forgive."

The Infinite Plan - Isabel Allende.

A little bit about first order and second order protesting. I read on the Grant Morrison website some "rumours, Morrison dirty capitalist" and his mock response, that people who go to anti-capitalist protests are just people who want to meet the police, and have to play a little social game to do so. I thought, wanker. Then I realised I was taking on and conforming to G-M's projection, as so often happens with projections. I also remembered he was right. Most protesting is first order, born of anger and resentment: 'you've got that thing I want it, give it to me bastard or I'll kick your head in'. There is however currently emerging a second order form of protest. One example is when the Red-I knights did Nodnol on Mayday 2001. With carnival they deconstructed the protest 'cops and rioters' game, showed up Babylon' brutality for the world to see, and attracted press faster than Pooh-Bear to honey. Propaganda tactics versus military tactics. Costumed nonsense that was unavoidably recognisable as born only of love. No one could resist, the public got it and giggled. Even the police couldn't stop themselves from playing along now and again. In fact, the Red-I were playing the 'get the coppers on our side, they're people' game as well. If you want to fuck a pyramid go for the worldview of the bottom, drives the top loopy. Still reckon G-M's a bastard though. Too damn clever, if you know what I mean. Call the Normal Inquisition on the fucker, they'll sort him out, with them soft cushions the others had ... yeah's the what-not, like Inflatable says ...

"Evolution is nothing more than an organism struggling towards happiness by adapting to every new kind of pain. The Quantum leap occurs when nature blossoms up a part of itself, which can learn to manipulate evolution consciously. As she has placed parts of herself in sacred plants, as an accelerator pad to speed up our evolution, so she has placed us within herself as an accelerator pad to speed up her own. (Sacred plants + A consciousness who understands chemistry) = Faster pads, and (Part + Part)< Whole, So (Evolution + Consciousness) = probably the emergence of meta-consciousness, nature moving higher to full consciousness of itself, but all really, really, fAST. A bit like that camel, Sarge."

Twat the Mashed
"He who was once known to make sense, but then only cryptically".